Thursday November 16.  4:30 - 6 pm  Tate Church St Foyer

Open House:  Discovering Resources and Identifying Issues.
Please come to our Open House.  It's an introduction to the work of the newly-formed Climate and Diversity Committee and happens right after the SPA Colloquium in Tate.   We will have tables with resources, information, and suggestion boxes.  Meet representatives from WIPA, GradPhi, SPS and other student organizations.   Our committee members will be there to answer questions.  Refreshments will be served.


Contact us

Priscilla Cushman:
PAN 327

Tony Gherghetta:
TATE 375-14

Lindsay Glesener:
TATE 262

Jennifer Kroschel:
TATE 130-05

Karlen Shahinyan:
TATE 201-08

Evan Tyler:
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Matt Fritts
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