Feedback and Suggestions

We are experimenting with various formats for processing your comments on how to improve climate and diversity within the School of Physics and Astronomy.    Survey Monkey is great because it is completely anonymous and doesn't track email origins.   We have 2 ways that you can provide feedback to our committee via Survey Monkey.  

1. We have a simple suggestion box for free form questions and suggestions:

2. A more formal survey is linked below with specific questions about climate, safety, and resource availability.  These questions were presented at the November 16 Meet and Greet event.  You may also answer any of the questions on a piece of paper and put them directly in the private Climate and Diversity slot in the mail room at the SPA Front Office at Tate:

Boyton Health administered a survey on stress and mental health issues, specifically targeted toward SPA graduate students.   While we worked with Boyton to provide this service to our graduate students, it is not related to the information-gathering exercises above.