Mental Health

Graduate work can be stressful, and the School of Physics and Astronomy (SPA) is committed to supporting our students.  The School conducted a survey in December 2017 regarding mental health, which was taken by 88 of 190 graduate students.  Within the survey there are five scales or instruments that measure levels of depression, perception of stress, anxiety, social isolation and a measure of self-perceived success in important areas such as relationships, self-esteem, purpose, and optimism.

Here are the results:

PDF icon mental_health_highlights_umn_physics_and_astronomy.pdf

PDF icon mental_health_report_umn_physics_and_astronomy.pdf

PDF icon physics_astronomy_mh_presentation_spring_2018.pdf


"Stress and Mental Health in Graduate School: How Student Empowerment Creates Lasting Change" from the UMN Chemistry Department:

PDF icon stress_and_mental_health_in_graduate_school_umn_chemistry.pdf


The rate of depression and anxiety for graduate students may be over six times that of the general population (international study):  Nature Biotechnology 36, 282-284 (2018); < >