The Climate and Diversity Committee has established an Expectations Document outlining best practices in the interactions between a student and adviser:

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A recent study examined racial and gender bias in faculty evaluation of candidates for postdoctoral positions in biology and physics at eight large U.S. research universities. In physics, hypothetical female candidates were rated less competent and less hirable than otherwise identical male candidates. Additionally, minority (black and latinx) candidates were rated less competent and less hirable than otherwise identical white or asian candidates. Full article below:


The Americal Institute of Physics is working toward raising African American representation in undergraduate Physics and Astronomy programs: < >


Sexual harassment is pervasive in the academic setting, experienced by up to half of female students, faculty, and staff.  This topic was recently taken on by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine in a comprehensive study with recommendations, a report covered by publications such as Nature, Science, the Washington Post, and the New York Times.  Here is the report, its highlights, and links to other sources such as the above articles:

Speaking up against sexual harassment is brave.  Should you have an experience associated with sexual harassment and the School of Physics and Astronomy, the Climate and Diversity Committee welcomes you and offers a starting point to address the situation.


Update: "Viewpoint: Yes, Sexual Harassment Still Drives Women Out of Physics" in Physics Magazine (April 22, 2019):